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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  July 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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we check the doppler radar. the cluster is southeast of metro area. over the southeastern prince george county and northwest calvert county. that will be the story a little while longer. it will move in and move out. a couple more showers and the thundershowers north and west of the metro area. that will be the end of the rain story as we get through the latter afternoon and the early evening hours here. we will see the conditions improve slowly as we head through the evening hours here with a little bit of sunshine continuing. we will see finally a turn-around here tomorrow with improving weather conditions across the area. if you like hot summary weather that is the story going forward for the next few days. no warning of any sort in metro area. heading through the evening the rain will land and is it going to wind up with the totals. .67 of an inch in district. no warning or flash flood warning. no severe thunderstorm warnings.
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we report back with the rest of the week's weather and weekend, too, in a few minutes back to you. kimberly: airlights redirected flights due to the storm. some went to baltimore and others to richmond or norfolk. if you have someone coming in on a flight check with the airline first. considering this weather situation. stay connected all night long. check out doppler at and get the latest updates through the facebook and the twitter feeds. or just download the storm watch 7 app for the smart phone or tablet. leon: new developments tonight in the stabbing of two people inside of a maryland church. the man accused of killing a man and injuring his wife appeared in court hours ago. diane cho was in the newsroom with the latest on the investigation. database -- diane: we sat down with the suspect's mother. she said seeing her son in and
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out of mental treatment centers and jail she didn't know where to turn so she decided to try the prayer center. in a cheerful interview, kim's mother spoke through a interpreter about her son as long as we agreed not to identify her. >> what he did i'm not really accepting from my heart yet. what he did. hard to believe. reporter: kim is facing several charges including first degree murder after authorities say he stabbed a husband and wife from korea who were here on a missionary trip. >> i can't say anything how sorry i am with the words. >> according to the court documents police were called to the mountain church, a korean prayer service sunday night. it goes on to say that the witnesses were waiting on kim when he entered a room with his hand behind his back when one of the victims asked him to sit down. witnesses told authorities kim pulled out a knife and started stabbing the victims. >> when i heard, i couldn't
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believe it. diane: he is says her son has mental illness and was diagnosed with bipolar at the age of so. she dropped him off at the prayer center five days prior to get him help, because he had nowhere else to stay. according to court documents, kim told authorities he was tired of being treated badely and disrespected -- badly and disrespected by all koreans. he told authorities the man he stabbed "treated him badly that day." his mother tells us when he was staying with her, kim told us he wanted to stab a dog and kill himself but decided not to because it wasn't a good idea. she broke down in tears in the church stabbing the authorities say the suspect called police himself telling dispatchers he just stabbed two people. kimberly: we are on the scene of a developing story after a man was found trapped under a fallen tree in prince george's county. a man who was missing for more
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than a week. he was discovered in a wooden ravine after ardwick-ardmore road in springdale. that is where we find kevin lewis live with the latest. amazing survival story kevin. kevin: absolutely, kimberly. around noon. when a person walking down the street, beyond the guardrail. the man was pinned under a big tree and he could not move. so the good samaritan flagged down a passing car. larry shaddy who has been missing for a week. firefighters say shad sad left the veteran home last monday and hasn't been seen since. the vietnam veteran who has dementia and lung cancer and was feared dead. love ones astonished by the news say his wartime survival tactics must have kicked in. >> we were stunned.
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the first thing you say is thank god. he's alive. as the days go by and the longest he is out there the odds of survival becomes less and less. kevin: mr. shaddy is in a local hospital with cuts and bruises to his legs and had extreme dehydration. here is the remarkable thing. he is expected to make a full recovery again after seven days out in the elements. in springdale i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: to new information in the deadly movie theater shooting in louisiana. as marci gonzalez reports tonight, investigators are getting a glimpse at the shooter's plan after finding a journal in his hotel room. marci: today celebrating the lives and sharing tears over the deaths of the two women pictured here on facebook killed in this louisiana movie theater last week.
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funerals held today for 21-year-old mayci breaux. >> i saw her grow up. she comes from a wonderful family. death hits home. marci: and 33-year-old jillian johnson as police reveal the shooting rampage they died in was meticulously planned saying the accused killer john russel houser visited other movie theaters before choosing this one. the investigators finding the new disturbing details in houser's journal. >> he made comments he was coming here. written down. the movie theater, the time and everything. marci: journals with several disguises found in the motel room where police say houser had been living for most of july. we obtained the footage from the hotel 6 showing houser walking up and down the hallway, stopping by the check-in desk and the car leaving 20 minutes before the shooting. marci: police responding to
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the scene in seconds and houser taking his own life, using a gun that he legally bought at a pawn shoppe despite history of mental illness. of the nine people injured, three are in the hospital in good condition. marci gonzalez abc7 news. kimberly: a grand jury in fairfax county started to hear testimony in case of john gear. the man shot and killed in the doorway of his springfield home by fairfax county police two years ago. they will hear testimony to see if the officer torres should be charged in the death. virginia governor terry mcauliffe nominated a long-term fairfax county judge to the state supreme court. jane roush is best known as the judge in the 2003 d.c. sniper trial. she is presiding in the charles sevrin murder trial in fairfax county. she is set to replace the
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judge who is retiring at the end of the month. the general assembly is expected to confirm her. leon: tonight boy scouts are going to take a big step. >> they will vote on whether to lift the ban on gay leaders. this has been a divisive issue in the united states. coming up tonight at 6:00 we hear from locals who have been involved in scouting over the years to see what they say about the historic vote. kimberly: update on an i-team investigation in a certain birth control device. item investigator joce sterman first told you about the concerns about it last january and she is back to tell you how you can share your story to the public meeting open to the public. joce: there is a public meeting to hear about the risk and benefit arrest a device
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called essure. womens who claim they have problems have alternative way to make sure the voices are heard. more than 19000 women joined facebook group to share concerns about essure on social media. now they can weigh in on a special forum on the web. 250 comments have been submitted in advance of the meeting which is scheduled for september 24. scientists and experts are part of the meet something there is only an hour for comment so there may be a lottery to see which patients can speak to the f.d.a. about the device. there are plenty who tell me they are willing. they have been on the social media documenting complaints to talk about extreme headaches to need of a hysterectomy because the device moved once implanted. this is a small victory for a group of essure parrots who want it pulled from the market. the f.d.a. tells me what they hear could shape the recommendations for how essure is used label and whether
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there could be need for additional studies. joce sterman, abc7 news. leon: coming up at 5:00 -- >> i knew he was there to kill me. i could tell he had already done something. >> woman's attack on a man attacking her may crack several cold cases around the country. kimberly: later paying bills. how the community is coming together at harper's ferry as the investigators are trying to keep together what -- piece together what started last week's devastating fire. leon: giving back. robert griffin iii comes to arlington ahead of redskins
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leon: beach-lovers these aren't a average sand castles. these are works created over the weekend as the 12th annual revere beach sand sculpting festival and competition. 150,000 people watched the sand sculptors at work. more than 20 artists around the world showed off the skills. the spirit of massachusetts. kimberly: beautiful work. you have to have a gate around them. you know someone would run into them. doug: the sculptors sometimes bring in their own sand because you have to have
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special sand. kimberly: known as clay. doug: a little bit. beautiful work. kimberly: it is. doug: interesting way to start the portion. time lapse from up the road at arlington. 3:00 we started to record the images here from the camera. look at how quickly the thunderstorms develop. moved in with gusty wind andor reasonable rains. we are back to sunshine and clouds. 74 degrees. cooled off a lot behind the storm. beautiful afternoon around the area. as far as the rainfall the ocean city is top of the list. 1.73 inches. most of that was this morning with the heavy rain that we had. 1.6 inches in arlington. most of that was this an with the torrential downpours. less than an inch in silver spring. 8700 on the campus of university of maryland an college park. southeastern and northwestern calvert county getting rid of the rain. the storms are diminishing. this is south of fredericksburg through middle
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peninsula. tapahanicy area. settling down. we are going to see the temperatures build. the humidity is not going anywhere. it's hot and humid. tomorrow a frontal boundary that came through the area. might see isolated storm tomorrow. but we will mostly deal with the temperatures moving north/northeast. the heat index from a week and a half ago. we were drenched in perspiration. that is coming here. but tonight we catch a break. isolated shower and a rumble of thunder. partly cloudy. muggy overnight. lows in the 70's most areas. there could be areas of fog overnight, especially the areas with the heavy rain. we will pull back on the
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satellite image and the skies are clear. high pressure builds in. pushing the weather farther, and farther south. it will not cool us off. a frontal system is coming our way to get to thursday that will trigger more showers and storms. it won't bring cooler air. we have a big look at the temperatures. 81 in washington. 97 in little rock. 87 in indianapolis. plenty of heat coming our way for several days. the future cast shows through the overnight early tomorrow morning, patchy of cloud and fog. that should burn off. we will see fair sunshine. afternoon thunderstorms are possible. the best chance of south of the metro washington area. as we get to wednesday and thursday, bright sunshine. the next event is a frontal system to bring more storms thursday afternoon. tomorrow, partly cloudy. hot and humid. stray storm. south earserly winds -- southeasterly winds. check out the seven days and a lot of the numbers look at nine. hot and humid. slight chance of a stray storm
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south of town. a better chance thursday an with a front. settle down to the partly cloudy hazy, hot and humid weather friday saturday sunday monday. kimberly: good time to get away. if you're planning on it. something awesome. where there is a breeze. water replaced cars along a busy stretch of king street. water main broke there sending tens of thousands of gallons in the road. i stopped flowing hours ago but the impacts are still felt. west of i-395. northern virginia bureau chief is live on the scene. high and dry now jeff. jeff: yeah. it is. the crews were hoping to have it wrapped up before rush hour. but it hasn't happened. we will show you that in a moment. but we will show you first a backup happening. they were hoping to fix the water main break and open up king street west off of 395 by the park center drive. traffic is still a little bit backed up there. this is repairing going on
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here. the guys are still working on it. this is an eight. i water main break. a lot of work going on. a lot of patch work to do. worst this morning as the westbound lanes were shut down for quite some time. 6:00 a.m. is when this was reported. causing a lot of problems here. once again the thought being that age is an issue. one part of the good news is the people living in the area water not impacted. if you remember it was two months ago on june 1 less than two months ago a similar situation. eight-inch water main break that happened east of where i'm standing now. also on king street. just off of 395. so as we come down here live we see the repairs that are still going on here today. a lot of people a lot of drivers in the situation. possibly frustrated by the fact we have seen not one but
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two water main breaks. both of them because likely, because of the old age. that is something that we are seeing all over the region. with the infrastructure aging and can have problem from time to time. leading to traffic issue and frustration for people in the area. live in alexandria. jeff goldburg. abc7 news. leon: construction began on the first offshore wind farm. the five turbine farm built off the coast of road island. they toured the site with several federal and local officials. it is expected to power 17000 homes next year. kimberly: his last trip in the water made news around the world. leon: still ahead a look at the surfer that got into it with a shark is up to now. >> could congress cut finding to planned parenthood? a rally scheduled on the hill after 200 public videos surfaced. i'm scott thuman with what is next in the fight.
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kimberly: but first a look at what is coming up next on abc.
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leon: just days after a second video surfaced that appears to show planned parenthood executives discussing fetal tissue, the head of the
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organization says it is a target of a smear campaign. the recordings are already causing a fire storm for the group. and threatening the federal funding. seen your political correspondent scott thuman takes a closer look at the calls for cuts on the hill. >> tell me what you really -- scott: the video prompted pro-lifers and other critics of planned parenthood to ask for an end to government support. the tools more than $500 million a year in federal and state tax dollars. now three congressional committees are looking into if the group bartered over possibly illegal sales of organs from abortions. >> i have talked with numerous other pro-choice senators who sickened by them. >> while pro-choice senator susan collins awaits answers those in the video which they claim was heavily edited -- >> this entire effort is a complete political sneer campaign -- scott: may have to testify on cap pal -- capitol hill. >> i don't think planned
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parenthood has sufficiently explained. i also recognize planned parenthood provides enormous number of family planning services cancer screenings. >> on monday house majority leader kevin mccarthy demanded funding stop now until the group can clear its name. those on the presidential campaign trail quick to pile on. >> everybody in america is horrified by this. >> the candidates using the issue to fill their coffers from paul to rubio, cruz to carson. many express their outrage online to seek donations or e-mail addresses as they run for the white house. tomorrow more than 60 planned rallies all across the country will take place here outside the capitol. the group organizing put pressure on the members of congress who have taken either support or donations from planned parenthood over the years. on capitol hill scott thuman abc7 news.
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kimberly: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- eating like you have a cancer diagnosis. could the food we eat and avoid help us fight it? leon: plus -- >> i don't call anything to report possible sighting of a young lion. i'm not joking. i'm not crazy. leon: search is on in one city. after dozens of calls like this one. brad: i'm brad bell where the hunt for answers continues. what caused this fire and how will the up to rebuild?
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announcer: you're watching if "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: tonight, business owners are assessing the damage from the devastating fire in harper's ferry last week. neighbors are coming together to do what they can to help each other. brad bell is live with the historic section with a look at the impact today. hey, brad. brad: yeah leon a lot of pain felt out here. this fire burned last thursday morning. minutes ago fire investigators pulled out. soot-covered fire investigators pulled out of that little space between the buildings where they believe the fire began. the town is looking for answers. what caused it. what are they going to do next? west virginia fire marshals are still picking through the rubble of the harper's ferry fire three days after the
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flames. business owners and town leaders still trying to figure out how to move ahead. >> we are still in the recovery program. recovery move. brad: mayor vaughn says the business gutted by the fire account for 42% of the commerce and 20% of the tax base. >> it will have an impact on harper's ferry. brad: how to lessen the impact is the suspect of a private business meeting at the historic train station. >> the town of harper's ferry is closed knit. if anyone is in pain, we come together. brad: three local retail workers selling notuvenirs but cookies and cupcakes they baked last night. >> we will give it all all the proceeds back to the harper's ferry foundation. brad: for the fire marshal investigation no official cause has been announced but
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the locals watched as the evidence is bagged and the hunt for clues dragged on. the town is filled with talk of arson. >> we would really appreciate finding out what did happen so we can have some closure. kimberly: that was brad bell reporting. we want to check the top stories right nownce george's county man missing for more than a week is safe tonight. larry shaddy found in a ravine pinned under a tree limb in springdale around noon. he is in good condition all things considered. despite having leg injuries and suffering from dehydration. the 66-year-old disappeared from a veterans home on july 20. leon: the man accused of stabbing two people in a church appeared in court. kim is charged with murder, attempted murder and assault. police say that he stab and killed a man and injured the man's wife. his mother tells abc7 that her son has been in and out of mental treatment facilities and jail. kimberly: authorities are getting a glimpse in the mind of a man that killed at least
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two people at a louisiana movie theater before taking his own life. john russel houser left journal and disguises in a motel room. two people injured in the shooting remain in the hospital tonight. kimberly: turning now to a developing story. leon: police are looking in a background of a oregon man shot dead by a woman he attacked in west virginia. universities are trying to determine if neil falls was a serial killer linked to a string of unsolveed murders and disappearances nationwide. the victim was offering escort services on the website back page when she met falls. he showed up after her door saturday and that is when he attacked her. >> when he strangled me he just wouldn't let me get any air. so i grabbed my rake. when he laid the gun down to get the rake out of my hands i shot him. i grabbed the gun and shot behind me. leon: investigators say they found shovel, handcuffs bleach and other items in falls' vehicle.
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police are now trying to link him to several unsolved cases including the disappearances of six women in ohio. kimberly: a series of troubling incidents on the metropolitan branch trail raised question of safety. several robberies have been reported. now law enforcement response time has been slow due to the lack of pin point accurate locations. to fix the problem ddot is going to install mile markers along the full length of the mbt and each mile marker will be entered in location data base. leon: this may found like you can't believe it but it's true. police and animal control officers in milwaukee are launching a massive search for a lion. a lion supposedly on the loose in milwaukee. residents have been calling in sightings to 911 for the last week. police say they haven't had much to go on except for grainy cell phone video. that is until now. over the weekend, police spotted what they describe as a lion-like cat twice it
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escaped their grasp both sides. >> we know it is a cat-like animal. it could be a young african lion or a mature mountain lion/cougar species. leon: officers are armed with weapons but they prefer to tranquilize it. kimberly: a close encounter with a shark didn't keep a surfer heading back to the water. first he said he wouldn't change his mind. that is mick fanning. he was back in the water this weekend. the australian surfer caught a wave at a snap of rocks along australia's beautiful gold coast. fanning made international headlines when he tussled with a shark on live television in a surfing contest in south africa. neither her nor the board took damage. leon: maybe he'd be good at catching lions. send him to milwaukee. kimberly: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- soaring temperatures send families fleeing to escape the wildfires in five states. >> a 14-year-old virginia boy
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robbed at gunpoint. now police turn to the fighting back wall of justice in the search for those responsible. it's all coming up. leon: then at 6:00 going through a wall of flames. to save two tiny lives. abc7 gives you a firsthand look at the moment a fairfax county firefighter saved two dogs coming up at 6:00.
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kimberly: "7 on your side" with the fighting back want of justice. police are asking for you to help. fighting back against crime investigator jennifer donelan joins us with a new fugitive that police say they want to get off the streets. jennifer: every week police across d.c. maryland and virginia turn to the fighting back wall of justice for their search for people with warrants out for their arrest and are at large. tonight, stafford county sheriff office adding juwan harris to the wall. he joined paige wanted for violation of pro base and grand larceny. cober for forgery and fraud. jesse kim wanted for assault and alphonso page wanted by police for malicious discharge of a firearm. let's set the wall of justice in motion. the hunt is on for singh. he has multiple warrants out for his arrest including fraud and formry but the status of
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his child support payment landed the 30-year-old on the arlington county sheriff most wanted list as alleged dead beat dad. >> he owes $20000 in child support and other offenses in the county. we want to find him track him down and get him to pay the unpaid child support. jennifer: he is 5'11", 30 years old black hair and brown eyes and a tattoo on his neck of a cross are flames. he is wanted on a number of charges including felony, forgery and fraud. they want him put behind bars. if you can help police find cobra singh, contact the arlington county police. i'm fighting back against crime investigator jennifer donelan. leon: redskins quarterback robert griffin iii made a nice surprise appearance today. robert: i saw a lot of friends and loved ones not come back.
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i saw how it hurt them. leon: see how he is helping military families that lost loved ones to service. kimberly: but first -- >> it is a little boring but it is not that bad. it isn't. especially if you're filing for your life. kimberly: the drastic diet changes that some doctors say could save your life.
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kimberly: it is one of the first things that happens after a cancer diagnosis. you are urged to change your diet. this happened to a member of my family. we started to ask questions why don't we all make the life-saving changes right now? in the last few weeks i have had a chance to look at the risk if we don't. local doctors researching the cancer-nutrition connection tell "7 on your side" there is a direct correlation. they say starting with two glasses of milk a day can raise your risk of prostate cancer by 60%.
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they also claim that one alcoholic drink a week can increase your risk of mouth and throat cancer by 24%. the western diet can push your cancer risk up 200%. so why wait for a cancer diagnosis? to cut it out? in this restricted diet you won't find red meat, cold cuts sugar milk alcohol. >> it's not that bad. kimberly: the fight began when the 44-year-old athletic mother of five was diagnosed with cancer of the uteris. >> since my first chemo my kids can see i'm strong because i am going to fight it, we are doing good. yeah. we're going -- yeah. it's good. plus my husband is very strong.
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kimberly: the cancer is rare. it's aggressive. but she is pushing back with as much exercise as she can stomach and a new menu for the entire family. >> i never thought about it until i got diagnosed. kimberly: millions of americans don't. this doctor knows textbooks. he has written 17 about the science of nutrition. >> processed meat. does it cause cancer? yes. these are everyday foods that are being promoted. bacon is fine. 50% people die of colorectal cancer every year. kimberly: for him the western diet heavy on red meat, fried foods and dairy are promoters and should be treated like smoking. >> the idea is wait until you have cancer and then try heroic means of combating it. it's so much better to prevent it from ever occurring. kimberly: kelly wishes she has known decades ago. her friends following the cancer diet guidelines made months of meals for her and
5:46 pm
her family hoping to help all seven of them fight back with food. >> we are all taking turns. it's good. kimberly: she does credit eating well with feeling better throughout chemotherapy. there are foods and drink to reduce the cancer risk starting with green tea and grapes, tomatoes and turmeric. they have a natural process to destroy unhealthy cells. ed a lesssant girls --ed a lesssant girls consuming soy can reduce breast cancer risk. we hear about adding orange and green to the plate to reduce the overall cancer risk. something to digest before the diagnosis. now, let us know how 7 can be on your side here. call our tips hotline at 866-236-3401 or send us your story ideas at leon: ineresting stuff there. kimberly: thank you.
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leon: all right. new tonight now there are now more uber and lift drivers on the virginia peninsula than taxis. according to the "daily press" of july 21 there were 402 vehicles registered to ride sharing apps. compared to 351 taxi cab. they began to have them to register with the d.m.v. at the beginning of the month. a traffic check of how it is shaping up in the storms. jamie, how is it looking? jamie: we had a rough ride for a while but that was the beginning of the afternoon commute. we begin at georgia avenue where the center lane is blocked. because of this, we are seeing the volume. you typically have the slow traffic on the inner loop starting near the b.p. across the american legion bridge to work to 270 to bethesda.
5:48 pm
yes, are in the teens. extra few minutes on the normal commute as you will see. it's a little slower because of the disabled. we pull out to focus in on what else we are seeing. congestion southbound on 395. basically from the 14th street bridge continuing closer to edsell road. teens in virginia. on the outer loop of the beltway at 12 miles per hour on 395. live look at alexandria. king street. this happened earlier heading westbound. you can see we have the two light lanes blocked. the left lane gets by. this is between 30 and park center drive. while they are doing the repairs you have to use the left lane. what is open of course, king street. you have to squeeze by westbound. we are also open on 395. exit at king street. just know heading westbound there is a lot of congestion. that is a look at traffic. back to you. leon: all right. look at what is coming up in the next hour at 6:00.
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the fierce reaction after someone vandalized a civil war memorial in montgomery county. it's known to many as a different name because of the people walking around on drugs. we look at the changes underway and what needs to be done. plus the remarkable video of two dogs rescued from a burning fairfax home. that is coming up new at 6:00. in the meantime let's check the weather. kimberly: the storms blew through fast and furious. >> hot and heavy out there, doug. doug: it's calmed down in a big way now. sunshine in arlington. a few storms we are tracking. look at the weather bug rain totals from today. at the top of the list ocean city. 1.73 inches of rain. a lot this morning. arlington received some rain but most was this afternoon with a heavy storm. 1.2 inches of rain. less than an inch in silver spring college park and other areas. severe thunderstorms warning issued for a while. flash flood warning.
5:50 pm
they have been dropped because the storms have moved out and faded away. few storms in the shore. we will be fairly quiet this evening. one storm south of fredericksburg through the northern peninsula. you can see the concentration from harrisburg, to richmond. that is where with the heavy action is. that is where it will stay. temperatures now 81. that is not bad for late july in washington. 81 at washington. 87 in richmond. 84 in columbus. for this evening, partly cloudy skies. any isolated showers will end. type of fog overnight from 69 to 75. hot and humid tomorrow. and maybe isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon south of metro. we will head through wednesday, sunny, hot and humid. frontal system could give us a chance of storms. thursday afternoon is 94. then hot and humid. 90 92 93 to the end of the week and straight through the weekend. that is the latest.
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back to you. kimberly: thank you, doug. leon: we have a different side of rgiii. kimberly: we are. leon: impressive. lou: absolutely. he is in the spotlight. rgiii still learning and understanding what is expected to be an elite quarterback in the nfl. what he has mastered and understood is how to give back to the community. in which he lives. especially when it comes to the military. a few days before a critical make or br number 10. he was making someone's day. showing up at taps tragedy assistance programs for survivors. the goal is to help military families who in the military battling if for service. he tells me why the cause is near and dear to his heart. robert: i grew up as the lifestyle, a military brat. i didn't have an t opportunity to seven but both of my parents did and i know how much it means to the families. growing up next to fort hood the biggest military base in the the u.s., i saw friends
5:52 pm
have loved ones not come back and i saw how that hurt them. i wanted to make something genuine for me when i was going out and doing community work. taproviding that assistance for the families. i want to be part of that. >> how excited are you about leaving for camp? >> we are all leaving tomorrow. we don't want to get stuck in the traffic. at this point we're tired of training. want to play. get to it. i look forward to seeing the guys, all 90 of them and make sure we have the strongest team possible. >> the most important catch you ever had? robert: every camp is the most important catch. it's proving it every day. every time you step on the field. i look forward to it. lou: coming up 6:00 he will talk more. at the special olympics in los angeles wonderful moment for karen dickerson of falls church, virginia. she competed in the
5:53 pm
10,000-meter race and finished in second place. she won the event four years ago but took home the silver medal. congratulations to karen. leon: good. lou: i have interviewed rgiii a number of times and you profile him for upcoming harris' heroes. what are you thoughts of him? leon: i was impressed how having the little new baby girl who is one month now. how having a child really gives him a different perspective on how he is approaching everything he does in his life including football he says. but then the other thing is that the things that other people said about him when he wasn't in the room about his dedication and what he does there when the cameras are not there really impressive stuff. very special young guy. lou: at 6:00. rgiii. kimberly: great stuff. we'll be right back.
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leon: the nfl and the federal law enforcement now are talking about tackling domestic violence. kimberly: our john gonzalez went to suitland high school where there was a round table about how we should move forward. john: this is a unique summit. lawmakers health, education and religious leaders came together today at the suitland high school in districted by the national football league. of course recently, several high-profile football players have found themselves on the wrong siled of this issue. overall the statistics are startling. nearly 12000 women have been killed by the abusive partner 001. that is nearly double the casualties from both of our wars. now maryland congresswoman donna edwards hosted this round table in maryland. on average, 50 victims are
5:58 pm
killed each year. we heard from the face of domestic violence today. mill dread muhammad the ex-wife of the d.c. sniper. now as an advocate she keeps her protective order against the executed john allen muhammad open as a reminder of her continued fight. >> at the time i didn't have any resources. no one came to me and my children's aid. mostly because we didn't have physical scars to prove we were victims. but now that has changed and understand 80% of victims don't have physical scars. john: last month, 2000 orders were filed in the district. john gonzalez abc7 news. kimberly: right now at 6:00 -- on the cusp of history. the boy scout of america prepared to lift the ban on gay leaders but it does come with a catch.
5:59 pm
change what is known as zombie park. what is done to clean up a northeast d.c. park that many say is a habe -- haven for people high on drugs. plus, incredible video pulled from the brink. the first person view of the efforts to save two dogs from a burning home. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: a fast-moving storm rips across your area. it is gone as fast as it appeared here. in an hour we went from scenes like this in arlington heavy rain wind lightning in the air to think. a live look over the district from high top the roof in rosslyn. but have we seen the last of the nasty weather? chief meteorologist doug hill on storm watch. doug? doug: the answer is yes for this night. outside the belfort furniture weather center, sunshine now. warm and humid but not terribly warm. let's get to it to show you
6:00 pm
doppler radars. where the storms are now. not many left. heaviest is on the eastern shore of maryland pushing toward the denton area. shower moving southeast of bowie to central section of anne arundel county or davisonville. there are a lot of showers and storms farther southwest in virginia but they will continue the trek to richmond. a quiet night. maybe haze and fog. not terribly warm. upper 70's to the lower 80's. it's comfortable. a little on the muggy side. we will drop between 69 and 75. there could be patches of fog. we think isolated storms are going to be south of washington-metro. otherwise partly sunny and humid weather went look ahead to the weekend in a few minutes. leon: you got it. to the remarkable story of a military veteran out of the elements t


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